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More Details On Upcoming Doom Movie Revealed

Posted on September 8, 2018 by Nick Moreno

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Going back to April this year, it was discovered that Universal had a Doom movie in the works as Nina Bergman announced her involvement in the film. Following the sudden reveal, it was also announced that the upcoming film is being run by Universal 1440 Entertainment, implying that the film will be skipping the big screen and going straight to DVD like other films from the studio.

Now more news on the film was revealed that the iconic Spiderdemon boss will not be making it into the film. Director Tony Giglio confirmed that the cyber arachnid is not getting any screen time in the movie on Twitter. Giglio mentioned that though we won’t see it in this film, there’s still a possibility in a later sequel.

The Spiderdemon being one of the most known bosses in the series, it’s a shock that it won’t be making an appearance in the movie. The monster most recently was the final boss in the 2016 Doom Reboot as fans who’ve played the game would know. Understanding that the film is on a budget, it makes sense why they chose to cut the Spiderdemon ultimately.

In a following response, a user asked about Doctor Beturger, a character from Doom 3. Without going into detail, Giglio responded to the user’s question stating that the 2004 title is a source of influence for the character’s involvement in the movie.

For this being the second attempt at creating a Doom film, those behind the picture seemed determined to be staying close to the game’s roots when creating the film adaptation. Though fans are left disappointed that the flick won’t be coming to theaters, it’s still exciting that the 1993 game is getting another chance with the movie industry.

Doom has a release window set for 2019.

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