More hints link toward a Bioshock Collection

Posted on June 29, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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UPDATE: More pictures leaked for Bioshock Collection:
BioShock: The Collection
BioShock: The Collection
BioShock: The Collection
You can see the rest here
Over the past few months we’ve seen ratings of a Bioshock Collection from other countries. Today we might have found even more clues, one of them showed a headline that said “Bioshock The Collection” on 2K’s website. Here is an image for proof:

The official cover art was also hosted on their servers which you can still see here. Thanks to the guys on NeoGAF for finding this:
Not only was this found but there is now an official Bioshock Twitter account. So it looks like there is something in the works, it’s just of a matter of when they will officially announce it.
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