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More Single-Player Titles Are On The Horizon For The Xbox Platform, Phil Spencer Reveals

This current generation of console hardware for the Xbox One platform regarding single-player titles has not been in favor when reflecting on the current catalogue of titles that are out from the company’s first-party lineup of teams under Microsoft. Bouncing from online-only Titanfall to the more recent Sea of Thieves, multiplayer and interactivity has been a primary focus for the console giant for the majority of the console’s lifespan.

While there have been a few single-player titles that emphasize on the game’s story campaign like launch title Ryse: Son of Rome from Crytek and Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive the year after, Xbox still does not compare to the library of exclusive titles on the PlayStation 4. And what is to be expected? Spencer back in 2017 shared his outlook on the status of story-driven titles, referring to single-player games lesser than those that are online-centered.

However, in 2019 Spencer has seemed to hold a different viewpoint on the matter with a recent tweet this week which solidifies that more titles in the single-player spectrum are in Microsoft’s plans regarding the future of the Xbox brand. In response to a tweet, Spencer shares that the current studios at Xbox Game Studios have “built strong SP focused games,” and is eager to see similar experiences for future titles.

Following Spencer, we have already witnessed his appreciation towards single-player games on opposing hardware back in 2017 when he referred Guerilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn and Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to “make gaming better” for the overall industry. Whilst having newly acquired teams like Ninja Theory, Obsidian Entertainment, and now Double Fine Productions under Xbox Game Studios, more is projected to follow the current projects already in development.

Looking ahead for the company, one developer that holds likely to bring a unique single-player experience is from Santa Monica-based The Initiative. The studio structured with veteran developers from games ranging from generation defining titles, what the first project is from the first-party developer seems to point towards something of the pedigree.

Do you think Microsoft will offer more single-player games in the coming future for its platform?


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