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Reptile, Ashrah and Havik join Mortal Kombat 1 roster

Posted on August 6, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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EVO 2023 has brought entertainment to the fighting game scene and announcements to upcoming titles like Tekken 8 and Mortal Kombat 1. NetherRealm Studios announced a few newcomers for the Mortal Kombat 1 roster.

Reptile, Ashrah and Havik will be joining Mortal Kombat 1 as new fighters and Sareena returns as a Kameo fighter. The official Banish trailer showcases all three of the characters and what we can expect gameplay wise.

Mortal Kombat 1 releases on Xbox Series XlS, PlayStation 5, PC and Nintendo Switch on September 19. Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate was featured at EVO 2023 where Ninjakilla_212 won the tournament taking home $10,000 USD.

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