Motion Twin Presses On New Dead Cells DLC ‘Fatal Falls’ Coming In Early 2021

Posted on December 9, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Developer Motion Twin now sitting at roughly two years since the release of roguelike action platformer Dead Cells is still under the hood working on new content for the game regularly to freshen the experience for returning fans and potential newcomers as well. While there are periodical patches that arrive, the studio also goes on crafting new add-ons for the game as well.

Predating back to February this year, Dead Cells: The Bad Seed launched offering players a new and expansive world to explore with, of course, new enemies scattered for new combat experiences to take on. Now once again, Motion Twin has reemerged to disclose the first glimpse at the next DLC add-on for Dead Cells arriving sometime in 2021.

In a new teaser trailer, Motion Twin reveals a brief glimpse at the coming Fatal Falls DLC. You can watch the Dead Cells DLC trailer in the video below:

“The Fatal Falls DLC brings two extra mid-game areas, continuing the Beheaded’s journey outside the castle. Complete with a new boss just minding their own business until you drop in to say hello..,” the overview for the add-on reads in the trailer’s description.”

In actuality, Motion Twin initially revealed the game just earlier this month on December 1 offering more information on its Steam page. The team reveals there are two new biomes: Fractured Shrines & The Undying Shores. There are also some screenshots of scenarios not present in the trailer which you can also view in the post.

For those still unfamiliar with Dead Cells, we recommend you read our full review for the game. Rectify Gaming’s David Rodriguez presses his time with the game to be “something special; a game that goes beyond its own description in every way.” You can read the review in its entirety by heading here.

Are you planning on picking up Fatal Falls next year?

Fatal Falls arrives sometime in early 2021: Dead Cells is out now for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and  iOS.

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