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Multiple Projects In Development At Rockstar Games

The consistency of when Rockstar Games’ developed titles release or at the very least receive an announcement is highly unpredictable as the publisher doesn’t have a timeframe to be met for certain events such as E3 or Gamescom. Rather, the multiple studios under Houser Brothers tend to take their time when working on their next project.

According to a developer from Rockstar India, there are multiple projects that are currently in development that have yet to reveal what exactly these games are or will be. Abhinav Raj Karanwal who is an animator at the Bangalore-based branch for Rockstar Games have detailed through his resumè to be a Senior Animator on multiple unannounced games for the developer.

For what exactly Rockstar Games has in development is in the air as of now. Looking back to last year, one likeliness at what is currently in development is the long-awaited sequel to publisher’s 2006 title, Bully. Back in October, it was discovered that casting calls for the alleged follow-up was held in the United Kingdom for young-adult roles to motion capture. There has yet to be any other addition information supporting if this is legitimate or not.

Other speculated titles that many fans are eager to jump on is the inevitable Grand Theft Auto VI. While many still play 2013’s Grand Theft Auto V, fans are eager for the next installment in the franchise. Some predicting that the next game will follow in IV & V’s footsteps by revisiting already know locales with this one to return to Vice City. But according to Dan Houser, it doesn’t look too bright for GTA 6 in our future seeing his previous statement regarding to release a new title in this current political climate.

One game that can be confirmed not to be in development now is the decade-long shelfed title Agents. Despite the publisher holding onto the game’s domain for 10 years, Rockstar Games did not hesitate to renew the game’s trademark and dropped the rights to the name back in November.

What are your thoughts on what Rockstar Games could possibly be working on next?

Source: Reddit

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