Nacon Unveils New xCloud Peripherals And Xbox Series X|S Controllers

Posted on October 15, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Over the past month, Microsoft has continued to reiterate on its partnerships with major brands and manufacturers in bringing compatible accessories and gamepads over to the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. However, the dealings also gives room for the featured firms to also incorporate new tech specifically for the next-generation systems as well.

In that, company Nacon this week has unveiled to be working on its own line of Xbox-centered products coming later on in 2021. In a tweet, the firm shares that there will be two new controllers intended for the Xbox Series X|S alongside two additional peripherals constructed specifically for the xCloud service.

You can view everything shared in the post below:

For the controllers, Nacon is offering the Revolution X Pro Controller and Pro Compact Controller. Both being wired bound, players can find the new gamepads to be ergonomic in uniqueness to Nacon’s design, but also still hold the integrity of Microsoft’s design for the base controller. The smaller Pro Compact is illustrated to come in a black or white variant.

As for the cloud streaming service, users can find Nacon supplying the MG-X and MG-X Pro both primed for on-the-go play. Alike with the Razer Kishi slide-on controllers, the new MG-X line offers the same. But what contrasts the two brands is the Pro iteration as that comes with grips you would find on a traditional gamepad intended for portable use.

In other recent news of Microsoft-specified products, 8Bitdo just launched its own SN30 Pro Controller for xCloud just this past month. You can read about the controller in full detail by heading here.

Do you plan on picking up on of Nacon’s newest controllers?

Revolution X Pro Controller, Compact Pro, MG-X, and MG-X Pro will all be available for purchase sometime in early 2021.

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