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Need For Speed Unbound Trailer Officially Revealed Early, Releases December 2

Posted on October 6, 2022 by Michael Boccher

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Originally scheduled for an 11 AM EST reveal, the trailer for Need for Speed Unbound has been released a little bit earlier than expected. At 1:34 in length, we get a good look at the new features and what to expect in the game.

As leaked, NFS Unbound will utilize a number of anime and cartoon-like features. For example, we see a car go airborne off a ramp followed up with a cartoon image of wings on the taillights as the car takes flight. A$AP Rocky is featured in the trailer with his music, but also as a character, as he challenges the player to a race with his own car as the reward. “I’ll put it to you like this. You dust me in this, I’ll let you have that sh*t” he says, as the cops roll up hard trying to take you down.

NFS Unbound will release on PC and current gen Series S/X and PS5 only on December 2. You can pre-order the game now for 3 days early access and exclusive in game items by clicking here. Check out the trailer below.

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