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Neon Chrome Review

Posted on August 16, 2016 by Weston Terry

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Game – Neon Chrome
Release Date – April 28, 2016 PC/May 31, 2016 Playstation/June 8, 2016 Xbox One
Platform – Xbox One(Review), Playstation 4, PC
Developer/Publisher –10tons Ltd./10tons Ltd.
Price – $15.99
Reviewed By – Weston Terry
10tons recently released their biggest game of the year, Neon Chrome. Instead of being a puzzle-genre style game, such as Sparkle 2 and Azkend 2, Neon Chrome is a top-down shooter with an interesting twist. Procedurally-generated levels, as well as randomly-generated characters(known as assets), will make each and every playthrough unique when compared to your friends.
Neon Chrome is the name of the game, but also the name of the cyberpunk-style city where this game takes place. You play an elite hacker, a member of a rebellion that has risen up to try and take down the Overseer. Whenever a citizen “goes red” it is the Overseer’s responsibility to take them out. Using hacking abilities, your character is able to take over around 100 randomly-generated characters to try and kill the Overseer. Each “asset” can have different abilities, giving you different options through these levels. Also, you will gain credits to upgrade your different abilities and weapons while playing, but only after your asset dies. Try and make it as far as possible without losing a life, but, if you do, know that you will have more power when challenging the levels again.
Combining RPG-style leveling to a top-down shooter is a lot of fun. I had a blast trying to make it through each level without dying. I believe many hardcore gamers will try and get through the levels while losing the least amount of lives as possible! But, more casual gamers will still enjoy playing through this game since they will become more powerful. Sure, it may take more time for them to finish the game, but, eventually, they will!
Strategy is definitely important in this game. Positions, movement, powers, abilities, and understanding the environment is extremely important during gameplay. Getting your health back can be scarce, so definitely make sure that you take the time to try and find a rechargeable shield! Explore these destructible levels as much as possible. In the long run, it will help you out.
As you may notice, I really enjoyed this game. It is much different than any of the other 10tons games that I have played. I love RPGs, and I also enjoy something difficult. The game is solid, fun, and kept me entertained for quite a while. Sure, it can be frustrating at times, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great game. When you have the chance, pick this game up. You’ll get through it… eventually…

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