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Nerf And Fortnite Announce Upcoming Partnership

Epic Games has decided to team up with Hasbro owned Nerf to what can be guessed is a upcoming line of Fortnite-influenced Nerf guns.

The announcement was discovered on the toy line’s Instagram, left only with a vague statement reading as “Who’s ready to add some gold to their loadout?”.

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Who’s ready to add some gold to their loadout?

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It’s unclear what will actually come out from this, but assuming that Fortnite weapons will be crafted into Nerf’s taste would make more sense as the Holiday season is on the horizon. On top of a new line of toys, we could even see some Nerf products make its way into Fortnite as weapon cosmetics also.

This will be a long awaited dream for those who always wanted to live out their best moments in the current battle royale once some of the weapons will be sold commercially. As the lethal variants of items get translated into the more safe and soft Nerf weapons, the partnership will appeal greatly to the young demographic the game holds presently.

Halo previously got a similar treatment with their line of UNSC/Covenant weapons being created into toys through Mattel’s BOOMco. brand.

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