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Netflix Announces Production For Upcoming Witcher Anime Film

It has been about a month since we had the inaugural debut of the Witcher Netflix series arriving on the entertainment streaming platform. And while the talks of Season Two is expected to commence in the near future already, what else could be birthed from this new wave of content for Andrzej Sapkowski line of novels?

Straight from the mouths of Netflix on Twitter this week, it was announced that The Witcher will also be receiving an anime adaptation which will be arriving in the coming future. Titled ‘Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf’, the reveal disclosed that this new passage in the Witcher storyline will “take us back to a new threat facing the Continent.”

Reassuringly, Writer for the titular Netlfix series Beau DeMayo has been reported to be involved with the upcoming animated project. So fans of the initial show that is making its way with a second season should be satisfied with him on board. Additionally, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich who is responsible for Netflix’s Daredevil, The Defenders, and the recent Witcher series will also be returning for this new film.

What makes the most impact from the announcement though is that Netflix has partnered with Studio Mir to be involved with the Witcher anime. The South Korean animation studio has earned their from previous work involving The Legend of Korra, The Boondocks, and Young Justice: Outsiders.

Despite the promising future that the film holds with the amount of confident hands involved, a slew of fans show to be the complete opposite of excited for this new project. While the comments do illustrate what a selection of followers feel towards the announcement, they do not speak for other Witcher fans who are overly anticipating for the film to arrive later on.

Anime representation of video game properties are starting to become a trend on Netflix as we have witness these past few years. First with Castlevania which now has two seasons available to watch now alongside Devil May Cry: Castlevania Executive Producer Adi Shankar is reported to be at the helm of the project as well. Read up on our review for the second season of Castlevania by heading here.

Are you excited for an anime adaptation of The Witcher?

There is no word on when the upcoming film will be arriving to Netflix.

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