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Netflix Plans To Bring More Game Announcements At E3 Next Month

For a while now we have been witnessing the spawn of more games being adapted into films and even shows as already seen with Konami’s Castlevania and more recently with the upcoming Witcher & Devil May Cry series which are both currently in development. The same can also be said the opposite way as Netflix is working on bringing an 8-bit translation for the third season of their billboard series, Stanger Things.

But according to their conversation through Twitter with one of the biggest video game events of the year, the entertainment streaming service has more plans to announce later at E3 with game-translations of their most popular shows exclusive on the platform.

The company detailing that that already announced Stranger Things title will be present at their Bringing Your Favorite Shows to Life: Developing Netflix Originals into Video Games’ panel as well as sharing that “there’s definitely more to come,” as well. For what exactly will be announced was left for you to guess as no other details were shared beyond the tweet above.

Turning back the calendar to September of last year following the closure of Telltale Games as several developers at the studio were abruptly laid off without severance: Netflix responded to the incident by announcing that their partnered title for Stranger Things will still be pursued without the now-closed developer. Assuming that Netflix has found a new studio to make an episodic title based on the Duffer Brothers’ hit series, this could be one announcement to expect next month.

What do you have in mind for a Netflix-adapted video game?

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