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Neverwinter: Infernal Descent is the Newest Expansion Available Now

Perfect World’s MMO Neverwinter continues to grow in both scope and popularity. The newest expansion, Infernal Descent, will surely aid the growth of both as it is available now on PC with an Xbox One and PS4 release on February 25th.

In  Infernal Descent , Vallenhas Manor has been torn from Faerûn and dragged to the depths of Avernus, the first circle of the Nine Hells, during the Blood War between demons and devils. Players must join two new heroes; The paladin Alric Vallenhas and the bard Etrien Sael, along with these heroes of the past must cross the Nine Hells to save the good people of Vallenhas Estate and end the infernal machinations of the Zariel archdemon.

When the players of  Neverwinter  enter their infernal depths they will experience a new campaign for the  endgame  of the title designed for characters of level 80. They will find a new and gigantic adventure area full of heroic encounters, as well as a challenging dungeon located in a demonic citadel about Avernus himself. Other notable additions of  Descent Into Avernus  are new instances as part of its history, new devilish enemies as well as new equipment and much more. Below you will find a detailed list of news:

  • The story of  Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus :  Players will take sides in this exciting adaptation of the Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus campaign   designed for Dungeons & Dragons where Vallenhas Manor has been ripped from Faerûn and dragged to the depths of Avernus, the first circle of the Nine Hells.
  • The new campaign,  Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus:  The bravest adventurers will be able to enter this new campaign designed for characters of level 80.  Descent Into Avernus  will lead the characters to descend to Hell itself to save the people of Vallenhas Estate from infernal machinations of the archdemon Zariel.
  • New characters for  Neverwinter:  Join new heroes like the paladin Alric Vallenhas, an old and just paladin who seeks to redeem himself, and the bard Etrien Sael, protector of innocents loyal to the Vallenhas family.
  • Vallenhas Estate Adventure Zone:  Players can explore the fractured region around Vallenhas Manor and fight the horde of demons from the Lower Plans and experience new heroic encounters.
  • The instance “A House in Need”:  Players will experience a new introduction created from scratch that will tell them the story of the Vallenhas family and introduce them to Alric and Etrien.
  • The instance “The Last Bastion”:  The heroes of  Neverwinter  will have to defeat a powerful evil in the epic closure of the Infernal Descent quest  .
  • The new dungeon “Infernal Citadel”:  This new dungeon located in a dangerous demonic citadel that floats on the Avernus will test the skills of the adventurers who enter it.

If you need to get back into Neverwinter, now is the time.

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