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New Battlefield 1 Story Trailer is here and looks amazing

The latest Battlefield 1 story trailer is here and looks amazing, it also shows off the main characters in the game. The trailer also shows different kind of combat such as fist fighting on the field, dog fights in the air and obviously weapon fights. Overall the trailer looks amazing.
One story shown is the Lawrence of Arabia mission, we play as an Arab rebel who is his right hand “man”. A female character, she must draw out the Ottoman Empire’s most powerful weapon, the armored Canavar train (“Beast” in Turkish). Unlike other Battlefield campaigns, you’ll need to pick up equipment you need in order to draw the train out, and this isn’t your typical run and gun mission.
The second mission shown, Through Mud and Blood, we play young Danny Edwards. He’s new to the war and must earn the trust of his fellow soldiers as he is a tank driver protecting them on the battlefield. One section of the mission allows you to scout through a fog covered forest on foot until you arrive at an enemy base camp. Depending on your play choice, you may either destroy their anti-tank weapons, or use them to destroy their own tanks. DICE has aimed to make this a Battlefield campaign where you decide how you play, and so far it appears to have paid off tremendously
During the missions, we will also take over the roles of Lawrence of Arabia, the Red Baron and more all whom you see in the trailer!
Oh yeah, and there are cowboys too! We don’t know how these characters tie in or who they are yet, Battlefield 1’s single player campaign is shaping up to be an incredibly emotional story, something lacking from FPS games in the most recent past. Check out the trailer at the bottom of the page, and Battlefield 1 releases October 21st on Xbox One (or the 13th or 16th depending on your EA Access)
Discover classic Battlefield gameplay through an adventure-filled campaign with the Battlefield 1 single player:
[youtube id=”C-vAxVh8ins”]

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