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New Battlefront offline campaign mode announced – for the consoles.

Posted on July 14, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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If you’re disappointed in Star Wars Battlefront’s lack of offline modes, there may be “a new hope” for you.
Dennis Brannvall, the game’s lead designer, announced a new “Skirmish” mode which will allow you to play against bots either “solo” or split-screen multiplayer. It will feature two modes (Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron) as well as multiple difficulties. It promises multiple locations from Hoth to Sullest.
Also new will be the Death Star Expansion: new maps, weapons, Star Cards and Heroes.
This is a really big welcome to those that felt jaded by the online-only campaign. The two previous Battlefront games featured offline campaigns and Instant Action, so it didn’t make sense that this new one didn’t have those features to begin with.
Unfortunately, from what Brannvall implies, the Skirmish campaign is for the consoles only… for now. It’s unknown if the PC version will ever be announced, but given that Battlefront is an FPS game, it’s very likely PC gamers will feel left out by the lack of its own version. Hopefully, EA will rectify this situation.
The new Skirmish mode will be out on July 20th for the Xbox One and PS4. The Death Star Expansion will be out this September.
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