New Details For Unannounced Harry Potter RPG Includes 2020 Announcement, Platforms, And Late 2021 Release Window

Posted on June 29, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Looking back at the initial leak of the Harry Potter RPG allegedly being developed by Disney Infinity studio Avalanche Software, there is finally more clarity on this enigmatic title. Amid the current controversy that surrounds Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling that has transpired from her interactions passed online in recent weeks, it was reported by Bloomberg that individuals involved with the project are uncomfortable with how Rowling has acted as of recent.

While the prolific author who has curated the titular book series that has spawned a saga of films and related video game entries, it is reported that Rowling has not been directly corroborating with the current project at Avalanche Software – the team developing the unnamed Harry Potter title. Even more, employees at the Utah studio have began discussing amongst one another about her actions.

In that, Rowling has been viewed as prejudice towards transgendered individuals, “transphobic” to make it blunt. But despite the controversy that surrounds the mind of the Harry Potter universe, the coming project is still underway for an announcement later this year, Jason Schreier writes.

He frames that the coming reveal for the title will follow after the approaching August event DC Fandome later this summer. It was reported previously through a job listing for the studio that an unannounced title could be on the horizon for a very “soon” announcement, but presumed that might have been pushed due to the ongoing pandemic still ongoing across the globe. Additionally, Schreier explains that the person who shed the information also confirms the game scheduled to release for next-generation consoles.

Meaning the title will be expecting Xbox Series X alongside PlayStation 5 versions alongside an expected PC iteration as well. But further down the line, the unnamed RPG is projected to release sometime in the latter of next year, 2021. Originally, it was discovered that the AAA Harry Potter game would be showcased at a Warner Bros.-hosted E3 press conference before the novel coronavirus foiled this year’s show; another lead also instilled by Schreier. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: Bloomberg

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