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New English Trailer Reveals 2020 Launch For Persona 5 Royal In The West

Back in April developer Atlus fully unleashed what Persona 5 R with the first trailer for the refreshed version of the initial 2016 title, Persona 5. Revealing that the title will include new content not offered for the base title such as the newest Phantom Thief Kasumi Yoshizawa and new recreational areas like the aquarium and bar.

Detailing that the fully announced project will be dropping later this Fall in Japan with an aimed release date for 2020 in North America.

Now the latest trailer that dropped just in time for this year’s annual E3 event, Atlus revealed that the game not only will drop next year for the United States, Canada, and Mexico; but will also be applied to the entirety of the West. Meaning that both North & South America will receive the title in 2020 as well as Europe also. Asia is said to expect a 2020 launch as well for the coming year.

In the meantime since most of us will be waiting for The Royal to drop, read up on our review for the original title here.

Persona 5 Royal is slated to release for PlayStation 4 in Japan on October 31, 2019 with a following release for the West and Asia in 2020.

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