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New Far Cry To Be Present At The Game Awards

UPDATE: According to Amazon, Far Cry: New Dawn is an online survival title and will be available starting tomorrow, December 7, 2018.

Previous: It looks like the new Far Cry title ‘New Dawn’ has leaked ahead of The Game Awards show where it will be revealed. You can see the cover art below:



Despite the amount of rumors that trail the approaching Game Awards tomorrow, Ubisoft has made it present that one of their titles will be getting a proper reveal. Today a teaser trailer has been uploaded featuring a post apocalyptic setting to base the upcoming title for the Far Cry franchise.

[For those who haven’t played the latest installment in the series, Far Cry 5, I suggest you read past the following paragraph or click off the article to avoid the conclusion of the title]

After interpreting the trailer it seems that the new title will expand on the ending of Far Cry 5, where The Father Joseph Seed concluded the game by dropping an atomic bomb on Hope County. Which is pretty interesting as titles prior never followed up on the ending of a previous game.

What do you think the soon to be announced title might be? Seeing how vague the teaser was, we could be getting a completely different game from what we’re already familiar with. As the studio has broke off with precursor Far Cry Primal, this might be a similar situation. With a more survival aspect to be present following a total fallout, we could be seeing an online title in the making as they have been trending with other franchises recently.

The Game Awards will be going live on December 6th at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST.

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