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New FH3 legendary BarnFind Location + Car!

With the most recent update to Forza Horizon 3 Following the launch of the Logitech G DLC Car pack came a new “Legendary Barn find”. This Legendary Barn find is found Just to the left of surfers paradise, Close to another previous barn find in the game. The location will always be the same but to give you a general area on where to look on the map i included the location on the map where the barn find shows up. The little dirt road ontop of it takes you directly to location as long as you follow it and kep an eye out its hard to miss.
After you collect the barn find you will receive a cut scene with some dialog talking about your find, etc. This new barn find gives you the Tiger Sunbeam, a small two door convertible British motoring car designed by Carroll Shelby, the man behind some of the most famous mustangs, and Shelby Cobras. After waiting awhile for the sunbeam to be finished so you can receive it you will be prompted to go back to the garage and check it out, once you go into your barn finds to collect it you will be shown how the car looks restored.
Hopefully this quick little guide can help you if your stuck looking, or even if you are curious as to what the DLC barn find is. Enjoy your new classic car, on the house courtesy of the poor man who left it sit in a barn.

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