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New Flagship Yakuza Title Reveal Coming Next Month

Posted on July 25, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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Regarding what developer Rya Ga Gotoku Studio has planned for the developer’s next upcoming project, the Japanese studio shared that a conference for the Yakuza game will be held later in August which will detail the next installment for the series following the short break with spin-off Judgment which released with a Western release last month.

The same day as the standalone detective game dropped outside of Japan, RGG Studio shared that more information will be revealed the following month which will detail additional context surrounding the next protagonist for the franchise, Kazuga Ichiban. Now this week, the developer has announced that the next title is almost ready to be revealed.

The post from the developer reads that the event that will showcase the forthcoming title will be taking place on August 29: furthermore, the post also included an image of the newest character that will star in this Yakuza title as well as disclosing that the game will launch on PlayStation 4. For fans who have played Yakuza Online, either through the mobile or PC version, are aware of Ichiban’s background with his history with the Tojo Yakuza.

Regarding the mainline plot for the coming installment, RGG Studio has yet to share what the basis of the next title will be as of yet. As with their latest game which took a breather from the other side as you play an undercover detective, the developer must have a good amount of tricks under their sleeves now returning back to their role against the law.

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The unnamed Yakuza title is listed for PlayStation 4 with no currently set release date.

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