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New Halo 5 content has been leaked

UPDATE: 343 Industries have posted a small tease on Twitter of an upcoming gametype. Many think it could be chess.

Halo 5 is about to receive one of its biggest content updates since the launch of the Xbox One exclusive. Ever since Halo 5 Forge came to Windows 10 it made it easier for people to look through the coding and find some interesting content that hasn’t been announced yet.
There has been a lot of teasing and speculation regarding this next Halo 5 Content Update. We’ve seen Frank O’connor, Ske7ch, and others tweet about it and obviously tease some passionate forge fans about certain gametypes we’ve been waiting for over a year now. ¬†During the HCS tournament going on this weekend there were some leaks of content such as new weapon skins and the new pause menu coming to Halo 5, and great Halo community member, Gamecheat has found even more content coming.

New pause menu

New pause menu

In Gamecheat’s latest video he shares what he has found in the coding of Halo 5 and they are pre-recording of upcoming gametypes. There seems to be a lot coming to the game such as Race, Warzone Capture The Flag/Assault, Classic Firefight coming that have lives like in ODST, Gun Game, and REQ Slayer. The biggest gametype would have to be Race coming into Halo 5, it would be the first time we see this gametype officially put in by the company since the launch of Halo Reach (it was in Halo 4 but not official).
We shall wait until 343 gives the full details Tuesday, December 6th.
Check the video below:

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