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New Information On Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers Reveals Gameplay Details

Just yesterday we learned from the panel listing for the E3 Coliseum which is set to take place during the course of the event later next month that a new Darksiders game is to be revealed through the respected panel’s description. Now, the same seems to have happened for the upcoming Avengers title by Crystal Dynamics.

Which occurred this past Wednesday, it was revealed that the marvel-partnered title will be present at E3 in June with more to be presented as this will be the official reveal of the 2017 announced project. Now the listing description brushes upon some of the gameplay elements as deprived from the synopsis for the panel.

Read from the description, it states that the Avengers title will feature both single-player along with online co-op which you can play with your friends. Up to four in a party, you will be given the ability to combine each other’s powers against the “ever-ending world under constant threat.”

The reading also suggests that hero customization will be available, leaving the implication for progression to take different paths depending on which Avenger you choose. And as part of the progression in the main game, the world will also change as you continue to play the game as well.

This does play into part of the previous details on the title as the game was said to be shared between those you play with online; as sourced from job listings for the title. Which means that the initial concept for the game has stay intact leading up to what will be presented at E3.

Are you amped to see some Avengers action next month?

Avengers currently is not listed for any platform.

Source: Seasoned Gaming

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