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New Internal Memo Reveals Power Shift With Sarah Bond Now President Of Xbox

Posted on October 26, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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It is no secret that Xbox is now the new home for Activision Blizzard King as of this past month. Thus far, it has been clarified that now with the obstacle of finalizing the deal – Microsoft is to be sinking heavily into producing games for the platform, as per a statement from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Even more, this arrangement also restructured leadership since the inception of the acquisition.

In that, Phil Spencer was appointed Microsoft Gaming CEO originally when the deal was confirmed to be pursued. And now with the publisher now an entity owned by Microsoft, there are more changes on the way. Among the announcement for the deal passing, it was confirmed that Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is to only remain as his role until the beginning of 2024 next year.

Through a new memo sent internally to Microsoft employees, The Verge intercept the entire document revealing that new leadership roles are being handed to staffing within the Xbox division. Most notably is Sarah Bond who is now the official President of Xbox. You can view the full chart in the image below:

“To manage the platform of today, and build the platform of tomorrow, we are bringing together the teams that will make this possible. Sarah Bond will lead this team as president of Xbox, bringing together Devices, Player & Creator Experiences, Platform Engineering, Strategy, Business Planning, Data & Analytics and Business Development,” Spencer penned in the email.

Additionally, Matt Booty has also been given the new role for president of game content and studios. This new role already harbors his standing for Xbox Game Studios as well as Zenimax & Bethesda. Likely plays into the timing of the departure by Pete Hines revealed earlier in October. You can read the full report by heading here.

What surprises you most of the new leadership adjustments at Xbox?

Source: The Verge

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