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New Kickstarter Asks To Help Fund Pop-up Book About SEGA Arcades

Recently a new Kickstarter has emerged on the site asking for patrons to help fund a book about Sega Arcade machines. Since its July 12 launch for the funding campaign, the project has reached $45,000 of its $$53,000 goal.
This book titled SEGA Arcade: Pop-Up History, is pretty self-explanatory. based on children’s pop-up books, this will teach readers about the early history of Sega Arcades. The illustration will cover five games:

  1. Hang-On
  2. Space Harrier
  3. OutRun
  4. After Burner
  5. Thunder Blade

This project is fully partnered with Sega and will feature art from Kam Tang, models by engineer Helen Freil, and historical context covered by Keith Stuart.

This Kickstarter being an interesting take on learning the history of Sega’s cabinets will most likely reach its goal. For more on the upcoming pop-up book, stay tuned for updates on when to expect to see it available.
Source: Kickstarter

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