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New Listing For Cooking Mama: Cookstar Surfaces On German Ratings Board For PlayStation 4 & Switch

The pattern of fan-favorite franchise making their way to the Nintendo Switch has been on heck of a ride for fans this past year. Recently with Sega’s Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD surfacing with an abrupt listing in Taiwan and Korean, the publisher later confirmed that the game will be arriving to all major platforms later this October as well.

Now this week, another listing has been stumbled upon for yet another recognized series, Cooking Mama. The original Nintendo DS series has been a billboard line of titles users of the handheld is well familiar with and the listing reads to be a new installment unlike the upcoming Sega port. The listing on German-based USK reveals the new title to be Cooking Mama: Cookstar with Nintendo Switch as well as PlayStation 4 the title will be available for.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD Dropping This October

Which took me off guard is the game’s listing for Sony’s console seeing the franchise’s history being exclusive to the Nintendo platform. But breaking from that tradition is not unheard of as the original 2006 title was later ported to Apple’s iOS in 2009 as Cooking Mama: Let’s Cook!. Currently, the listing stands with a 0 USK rating for the game, but since the title has yet to receive a proper announcement; that will most likely change in the coming future when the developer or publisher is settled with releasing the game’s development publicly.

Reflecting on some of the capabilities that at the time was deemed revolutionary with the Nintendo DS, this only furthers my interest for what developer First Line Productions has in-store with the features exclusive to the Nintendo Switch such as motion controls for instance.

Cooking Mama: Cookstar as of now has not slated launch date, but is listed for Nintendo Switch and iOS.


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