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New Minecraft bug fix update currently rolling out on Xbox platforms

Posted on February 10, 2015 by Cam

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After the huge update that was released for Minecraft console versions last month, with horses, beacons and much more – it was expected there was going to be quite a lot of bugs.

An update for the Xbox 360 & Xbox One versions is currently rolling out across the world to fix several bugs – which are found in the changelog.

Change log for Content Update 9 – February 11th 2015
Changes and Additions:-
– More Redstone fixes.
– Increased minecart limit.
– Stopped tamed horses despawning when they are in a fenced-off area.
– Crafting a map now produces an Empty Map.
– Fixed a crash with a Noteblock.
– Fixed an issue with village generation.
– Fixed an issue with Witch Huts allowing other mobs to spawn in them after a reload.
– Fixed an issue where Blaze Spawners and Chests don’t appear in the Nether after a Nether Reset.
– Fixed a crash with Minecarts travelling through Nether Portals.


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