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New Nintendo Switch in 2019?

The Nintendo Switch 2.0 is closer to becoming a reality. A new report From the Wall Street Journal reads that improvements could be made to ensure that Nintendo can make sure their flagship product can stay competitive in the future. Their competitiveness has done well for Nintendo since as of June 30th of this year 19.7 million units have been bought, with 86.9 million games to go along with it. So what upgrades could be made?

Those with knowledge of the model mentioned “One option is improving the display, they said. The current Switch uses a lower-end liquid-crystal display without some technologies that are standard in more recent smartphone LCDs.” The article also suggests changes to the design for a slimmer look and brighter display due to the upgrades that could be made to the display. Similar to the upgrades made from Nintendo DS to Nintendo DS Lite.

This is either great news for those holding out to buy a Switch, or a little confusing for current owners. The current plan is to upgrade the console and to make some fine tuning to their console. This raises eyebrows for owners of the Nintendo 3DS, which has quite the family tree of spin-offs and upgrades. That reason is because Shigeru Miyamoto has stated earlier this year “he wanted the Switch’s life cycle to be longer than usual, suggesting next year’s update of the hardware may not be the last.”



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