New Speculation For 2021’s Battlefield Suggest Next Game Is A Light Reboot, Remnants Of Battlefield 3 To Appease Dedicated Fans

Posted on January 19, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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For Battlefield as a series, the franchise has been in a weird purgatory determining where its future will head. Although games continue to release periodically, the franchise cannot find its footing in the era of shooters. Following the Battlefield 4 in 2013, the series went in a new direction with following mainline release set in the pair of World Wars. But especially after the launch of Battlefield V, many are concerned as to what the new entry will bring.

As for one, it is certain that the next game will be taking place in the modern era. Even more, it is confirmed that the new title is also to be shipped in 2021. But the context of the new game is left unchecked. However, in a new video from TheLongSensation, he issues some wisdom on what could be for the newest Battlefield.

Given that this will be the sixth flagship release for Battlefield, the new game might not harbor the numerical title. Instead, the YouTuber suggests the new game will be a light reboot rather than what many anticipate from DICE to be another game for the series.

Overall, this doesn’t mean the next title will be called Battlefield 6. In fact, I believe it’s either going to be called Battlefield 6 or simply Battlefield.

Now the reason for that is because when I first tweeted about the next Battlefield title way back in May, I believe it was, I stated that the next Battlefield title is heavily influenced by Battlefield 3 and essentially the next Battlefield game is going to be somewhat of a soft reboot which could indicate that they [DICE] go down the Battlefield 6 route or they could just call the next title Battlefield which is definitely not out of the question.

While unable to verify his claim, the YouTuber goes on to reference the same approach with Call of Duty as we witnessed a similar pattern with Call of Duty: WWII and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). Even more, when dissecting record sales for Battlefield the YouTuber also concludes that it is most reasonable to suggest the new game to be a new modern era title, but not a Bad Company entry.

Although many are hoping to hear news for a third title in the spin-off series, it does not look likely the 2021 project will be that. To disappoint further, the YouTuber also insists it is unlikely there will be a Battlefield 3 Remastered. While covering the rumor, he issues that releasing two very similar games would only divide the player base and be against the developer/publisher’s favor.

As for lingering details for this year’s game, TheLongSensation adds that there is a very high possibility the new title will be a cross-generation release. However, he continues by telling that separate teams are working on the game for each set of consoles. Moreover, he proceeds by forecasting there will be 128-player lobbies in the new game. But, of course, the last-generation version will reside with the traditional 32v32 matchmaking.

To top this off, he concludes with claims suggesting a new battle royale mode is underway. But unlike Battlefield V’s Firestorm, this new iteration will be to par of other competing versions out there currently. While everything covered is considered heavy speculation, it should be noted that TheLongSensation did accurately report the reveal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) last year. You can read the full report by heading here.

What are you hoping to come for the next Battlefield game?

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