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New Splinter Cell Supposedly Confirmed For E3 By Creative Director

Posted on May 14, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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Amid the continuous discussions, rumors, and leaks revolving around the chances of a new Splinter Cell possibly being in the works have been in the air for more than a year now. The first tangible piece of information for this actually being true comes straight from Ubisoft.

In a surprise tweet from Creative Director, Julian Gerighty, he reveals to be “working on the next Splinter Cell” and puts the spotlight towards E3 implying that we will get the first official look at the approaching event in L.A..

Gerighty’s tweet also reveals that minds like Roman Campos Oriola who worked on For Honor and Far Cry Producer Dan Hay are also involved in the unannounced Splinter Cell game. Other Ubisoft developers who worked on Ghost Recon and Rainbow 6 were also referenced in the post, with the implication to have yet to be part of the meeting Gerighty photographed in the tweet.

Seeing the handful of listings that have surfaced for the supposed title already gave fans enough to be excited for coming events like E3, but for it to be sourced directly from the Creative Director about the game’s apparent development leaves countless fans including myself in a daze that this is reality. Gerighty’s emphasis on E3 nods not only to the Ubisoft Conference on June 10th, but also Microsoft’s as well as detailed from our source from last April that a new title is to be marketed through the Xbox.

Previously, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot shared that “people are taking care of the brand”, referring to the IP. Despite the amount of stress that fell upon the developers when working on Splinter Cell Blacklist, it seems that the studio has looked towards external parties for the alleged game according to Gerighty’s tweet.

Expect more from Ubisoft next month as the biggest event of the year takes place in Los Angeles alongside Bethesda, Limited Run, and Square Enix.


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