New ‘tinyBuild Connect 2024’ Presentation Scheduled For May 21st

Posted on May 21, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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Across the landscape of publishers, tinyBuild remains active with new projects underway. In April, the firm announced Duckside: a PvE, PvP world survival where you take the form of a duck. Also, it shared a demo is on the way for one of its most-anticipated sequels, Streets of Rogue 2. The playable demo is promised to be available in June 2024.

From one of its releases this year, you can read our review for Lil’ Guardsman. “Lil’ Gaurdsman is a game that offers a unique and enjoyable experience, with a lot of replay value. It is a game that will make you laugh, think, and feel, as you explore the world of the Sprawl and its inhabitants, and is a game that will appeal to fans of Papers Please, or anyone who likes games that involve decision making, story telling, and fantasy.”

This week, tinyBuild is to host a new ‘tinyBuild Connect 2024’ showcase to feature announcements and updates on upcoming titles in collaboration with IGN. You can watch the trailer in the video below:

“Expect this to be a dense show featuring many games, including new info on announced titles, brand-new announcements, teasers, demos, and new content for already-released indie games,” IGN writes. “Expect lots of new game trailers, world premieres and good vibes! No boring stuff, just pure indie games love!” tinyBuild adds in the trailer description.

The presentation is promised to be littered with a bevy of new announcements including updates on Punch Club 2, Not For Broadcast, Duckside, Sand, Astor: Blade of the Monolith, FPS Level Zero: Extraction, Streets of Rogue 2, and Kingmakers.

What has you most excited for the tinyBuild Connect 2024 show?

tinyBuild Connect 2024 airs on May 21, 2024 at 10 PM PST / 1 PM EST.

Source: IGN

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