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New Trailer For Apex Legends’ Season 2 Brings Changes To King’s Canyon

Just hours before today’s reveal from Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment on the coming Season 2 for the battle royale title Apex Legends, both trailers for the new content were accidentally uploaded onto the game’s page on Xbox One. The first being a more cinematic approach to the approaching Season while the second one gave an in-depth look at how the game looks when in the flesh following July 2nd.

Back at EA Play earlier this month to kickoff E3 for 2019, Respawn Entertainment following the first gameplay demo for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order then continued on by showcasing Season 2: Battle Charged for the first time. Among the already discussed event and coming ranked mode for the February-released title, Respawn also revealed the next legend to drop into the game, Wattson.

At the end of the debuting trailer for the new Season, a glimpse at what’s to come to the game later for Season 2 was teased with no detail confirming what exactly is happening. However, in the gameplay trailer, it shows that due to Wattson’s interference with King’s Canyon protective shield, the creatures that live on the outlands of the island have now returned to their native habitat.

Shown in the trailer, due to the destruction of the antenna that stands tall in Repulsor has toppled along with other changes that have come to the map. Unlike the competing battle royale from Epic with Fortnite, Respawn has changed more than one location on the map. Other segments of King’s Canyon have been affected by the event like Bridges along with Cascades as shown in the new video.

The more deadly additions to the map is the Leviathan that marches throughout the map as well as the flyers that in the more arid pieces of the map towards the east from Skull Town to Runoff. Tread carefully as both creatures could cost you your life if you get in the way of the new wildlife.

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Apex Legends’ Battle Charged will be available on July 2, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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