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New Viking Horror Game By Former Battlefield Developers

Posted on November 2, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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A sneak peek for a title by the newly formed studio The Outsiders. With several developers who worked on the Battlefield series even including David Goldfarb is part of the studio.
Currently known as Project Wight as seen in the video’s title, it is set during the Dark Ages whereĀ creatures from a lost species areĀ living in the same time as the Vikings. And already you’d think “cool, give Vikings a chance to play in a game”, but it’s actually the other way around. You play as the creatures that are being hunted towards extinction by the Vikings.
Specifying on the age of the creature played in the video shows us that you’ll probably play as one creature as it grows from young to old through this time of rejection from the Vikings. Starting young and agile, able to run and jump high as well as crawl through small spaces. The young primarily focuses on evading from the Viking hunting your species. While on the other hand, as you later grow into a strong and more combat focused creature. Even gaining the ability to glide and get back at those who attempted to end your kind.
And for a new studio using Unity as the main engine for the game, pulls it off beautifully as you can see in the video. As for now there’s no word on when the official name of the title will be revealed or a release date for it either. Stay tuned to for more news on Project Wight.

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