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New Virtual Museum Lets You View Xbox Exhibits Online And Check Your Lifetime Stats

As you can recall from last Monday, Microsoft celebrated the birthday for Xbox. On November 15th, the video game division turns 20 years-old and the firm reflects on the impact the Xbox has made on the industry since its inception. Much so that Microsoft is planning to launch a six-part documentary ‘Power On: The Story of Xbox’ next month in December.

During the showcase too, we also witnessed more than 70+ Xbox backwards compatible titles come to the program. But, that is the last promised update for the initiative. Despite that, these is a plus side – at least for Xbox Series owners. The Xbox company went on to feature FPS Boost for Xbox 360 games then. xCloud also witnessed a parallel update for a selection of titles then too.

This week, Microsoft launched the Xbox Museum online: through the magic of the internet and some ingenuity, Xbox fans across the globe can visit a virtualized museum of Xbox’s history. In that, you can review each generation of the Xbox bloodline and more.

As you might expect, there is an exhibit for each console: Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. However, there are two separate categories to visit as well: Halo & your own personal showroom. The first comes as no surprise since Halo is the most influential IP that launched with Xbox more than two decades ago now. But, the most intriguing is how much you learn about yourself from the separate exhibit.

By signing-in with your Microsoft account, users can review legacy statistics based on how early you joined Xbox. You can read your most played games, how many achievements you unlock alongside the rare variant and ultimately your most played game. For those interested in taking part in the experience can do so by heading here.

Are you interested in visiting the virtual Xbox Museum?

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