New Wattam Trailer Reveals Launch Date And PC Release

Posted on November 14, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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During the latest PlayStation State of Play Direct-esque livestreamed presentation, Katamai Damacy creator Kieta Takahashi revealed that his new project Wattam will be coming to PlayStation 4 later on in December. Combining the two Japanese words “Wa” that means harmony and “vattam” which translates to circle in English to create the project’s name.

Following in the footsteps of protagonist Mayor, left with no memory of loved ones or friends, he goes on a journey of reunion as the yellowed cube makes friends and bonds with everyone he meets along the way. With lighthearted similarities to Takahashi’s previous work, fans are in for a treat with his upcoming game.

In the latest trailer for the game, it was revealed that the December slated title will be coming approximately on December 17, 2019. You can watch the brief launch date trailer right below:

Among the newly scheduled time for mid-December, it was also revealed that the game is also planned to release with a PC version as well. Publisher Annapurna Interactive, the company behind Journey and the latest Sayonara Wild Hearts, has announced that Wattam will also be launching the same day on the Epic Games Store as well.

Alongside the game’s newest platform announcement, Wattam is available for pre-order on both the PlayStation Store and the Epic Games Store now for $16.99. The game will be launching on both platforms at a discounted price; originally priced at $19.99 ahead of the limited time promotion for the game’s release. Seeing that the recent remaster of Katamari Damacy with Reroll last December, maybe there is a forecast for a port to the Nintendo Switch later on in 2020?

Do you plan on picking up Takahashi’s newest project later next month?

Wattam will be available for both PlayStation 4 and PC via the Epic Games Store.


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