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Next Anthem Update Reworks Loot System

BioWare’s Anthem for the past week or two now has bared the reputation for holding an unfortunate amount of problems that really twist anticipated fan’s first impressions from the Mass Effect developer. The studio already released that they are currently in the works towards bringing heavy improvements with how the game performs on top of other game breaking bugs like stronghold bosses not spawning and issues looting towards progressing.

This coming update that plans to drop for the sci-fi shooter plans to bring a complete overhaul on how the game’s core looting mechanic reacts when users play towards unlocking better items for masterwork. Initially, players reported that the inscriptions they unlocked were way too insufficient towards successfully building up their masterwork.

Following the bombardment of reports on this issue, the developer posted on Reddit of what changes will be taking effect within the next few days. Stating in the coming client that “inscriptions are now better for the items they are on”; which will only apply to new items that drop once the update goes live. Inscriptions will now be labeled either specifically for a weapon or to be effective for your suit build.

Common & uncommon drops have also been removed from player drops who are level 30 or higher, removing the waste that plenty of infuriated players have been experiencing. Masterwork embers requirements have also be reduce from 25 to 15 as well as better luck crafting the inscription you need has been increased.

Other additions that will be part of the update has tiered inscriptions into four categories: major primary, minor primary, major secondary, and minor secondary. For primary, these inscriptions will prioritize damage/durability while secondary focuses more towards utility for either the respected item or javelin.

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Anthem is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: r/Anthem

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