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Next Call of Duty game will be titled Call of Duty: WW2

Late last week, YouTuber TheFamilyVideoGamers posted a video showing some, at the time, purportedly leaked steelbook designs and posters featuring an unannounced Call of Duty game’s title: WWII.  Following the video, discussion erupted on the newly-created subreddit for the game, r/WWII, and included a post that linked to an Imgur album that, according to the creator of that thread and the subreddit itself, was created with a combined effort from themselves and the leaker, who also claimed to have been behind last year’s Infinite Warfare leaks.
Now, after folks have been able to get in touch with their sources, both Eurogamer and IGN are saying that the game’s title is legit.  IGN writes that “Sledgehammer Games’ 2017 installment of Call of Duty will be subtitled ‘WW2′ – something IGN’s sources have also indicated,” referring to the leak last week.  Eurogamer also commented on the leaks’ validity in their own article, writing “Eurogamer has since verified this [the leak] does indeed relate to this year’s game.”
What neither site confirms is the images from the leak as being valid, relevant, or recent.  And while the leak’s information has verified, the game’s announcement is still to come.  As with any leak, regardless of confidence in its accuracy or validity, nothing is for sure until made official and in the hands of players.  For future coverage of the upcoming Call of Duty game, as well as the latest in gaming, stay tuned to Rectify Gaming.
Source: IGN ; Eurogamer

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