Next Dragon Age Reported To Hone In On Being A Single-Player Experience

Posted on March 2, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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More than half a decade already, BioWare has still yet presented much detail on its next installment for the Dragon Age series. It latest release, Dragon Age: Inquisition, sits to be its most infamous yet scoring the 2014 title a Game of the Year award from multiple outlets and more. So, there is a certain threshold that BioWare must meet to exceed the anticipation building for this new project.

In the past at December’s The Game Awards, BioWare issued its first official nod to the coming title which only spruced more excitement for its fans. But, there is still plenty of territory left unanswered for the sake of the title. Coming from a new report constructed by Bloomberg, the next Dragon Age game initially aimed to be a heavily-influenced multiplayer experience.

However, the title is said to be aiming more in favor of a single-player-oriented title, the reports tells. The reasoning for the decision is based off of the performance of other Electronic Arts titles. Releases such as Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order following the glowing reception and praise for the game’s unique storytelling in a solely single-player world.

Adding on, Anthem is also another driver for the decision. In the opposite direction, the 2019-release proved to be deficient in its ambitions to be an expansive online-focused project shortly after arriving to store shelves. Most recently, BioWare announced to be slashing its continued revamp for the game, Anthem Next, and to push focus on the coming Dragon Age & Mass Effect projects already underway.

The report also presses on the inception of the next Dragon Age dating back to 2015, but, development was rebooted in 2017 following the departure of then-Creative Director Mike Laidlaw. An announcement for the game later took place in 2018. Internal sources familiar with the project relay that developers argued the direction of the game and only recently decided to honor its single-player roots for the next release.

Are you contempt with a single-player-only Dragon Age game once again?

Source: Bloomberg

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