Next Grand Theft Auto Game Reportedly Slated For 2024-2025 Release Featuring Return Of Multiple Characters And Revamped Vice City Setting

Posted on July 5, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Of course, the due time for a new Grand Theft Auto title is well beyond what many fans would anticipate for the series. Currently, Grand Theft Auto V sits to be the most ongoing release in the series. In the past decade, the 2010s, the 2013-released entry has been crowned the top-selling release. And beyond that entering the 2020s now, there is still no word on when the next release is coming.

However, the current installment is making its way for a third re-release this fall. In that, Rockstar Games slated a mid November release for Grand Theft Auto V. Additionally, rumor has it that the revamp of the original Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 title will be subjected to the upgraded Rage Engine that is used in Red Dead Redemption II. But, there has yet to be direct gameplay for the game presented at the time of reporting.

Coming from notorious leaker @_Tom_Henderson_, he claims the next game is aimed to release by 2024 or even the following 2025. Additionally, he also injects that the routine of multiple, playable protagonists are to return alongside the new setting to revitalize the nostalgic Vice City setting from the titular Grand Theft Auto release prior.

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Most interesting is that the new location is told to not be much larger than fans would anticipated. However, Rockstar Games is planning to grow the size of the new setting as time progresses. To explain for the much later than hoped release for the game, Henderson tells that the title is still in early stages of development at this time. Unlike Grand Theft Auto V, or any game for that matter really, the expected Grand Theft Auto VI is to also feature a playable female character, Henderson shares.

As we witnessed over the past half decade with Grand Theft Auto V already, Rockstar Games is said to map out its freedom similar to how the firm has already done so with GTA Online and will be illustrated with the new game. More so on the details for a later release for the game, Henderson relays Rockstar Games anticipating more current-generation systems to be sold before shipping the next entry.

Not only that, the developer is also prioritizing its well-being for employees working on the next major release. While the current Grand Theft Auto V is still expected to be a cash cow for Rockstar Games for the coming years, the next game is said to also incorporate crypto currency to some degree. Bloomberg Tech’s Jason Schreier even goes to corroborate the claims made.

As for the current plans of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Game just recently disclosed that the servers for the base game on the originally intended platforms are to shut down later this year. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Grand Theft Auto VI is claimed to ship sometime in 2024 – 2025.

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