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Ni no Kuni 2 could possibly be coming to Xbox One

With Xbox boss Phil Spencer visiting Japan in a bid to secure more JRPGs and other Japanese titles for Xbox One, could Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom be among the games heading to the One? According to a report by IGN Spain that could definitely be the case.
The gorgeous RPG with artwork from Studio Ghibli and in development at Dragon Quest studio Level-5 is currently listed as a PlayStation 4 console exclusive, but a store listing for the title on Xbox One suggests otherwise. The listing was later on removed and deemed a mistake, the IGN Spain report states that the game is coming to Xbox One in the west, purely as a digital download on the Xbox One Store.
With previously PlayStation-only RPG titles like Sword Art Online now coming to Xbox One, could it be that Bandai Namco is deciding to bring more of its JRPG library over to Xbox One?
It’s no question Microsoft has had trouble getting Japanese ports for the console and hopefully that starts to change.

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