Ninjakilla_212 Wins Final Mortal Kombat 11 Major Tournament At EVO 2023

Posted on August 5, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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EVO 2023 is well underway with many tournaments across popular fighting games such as Street Fighter 6, Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate and more. This EVO tournament will mark the last major Mortal Kombat 11 tournament before Mortal Kombat 1 releases on September 19, 2023.

The winner of the Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate tournament at EVO was Ninjakilla_212 and he will be the last player to win in the game at the largest fighting game event in the world. The Top 6 bracket consisted of names of A F0xy Grampa, Nicolas, and Scorpionrpocs.

Ninjakilla started in the winners side of Top 6, but then fell to Losers and had to reset the Grand Final bracket against Nicolas. He wont the first Grand Final set 3-0 and it took a Game 5 to win the Mortal Kombat 11 Championship in the Grand Final Reset.

What was the Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate Prize Pool at EVO 2023?

The prize pool for Mortal Kombat 11 was set at $25,000. Here are the money placements and what the players took home. Thanks to Liquipedia.

Ninjakilla_212 – $10,000 USD

Nicolas – $5,000 USD

Scorpionprocs – $3,750 USD

A F0xy Grampa – $2,500 USD

TheMightyUnjust – $1,500 USD

Xombat – $1,500 USD

Rewind – $375 USD

MakoraN – $375 USD

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