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Nintedo Switch May Have 720P Screen

Posted on October 28, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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Will the Nintendo Switch screen look high quality?

Will the Nintendo Switch screen look high quality?

Nintendo has never been the epitome of high end technology, but what they lack in tech they have always made up for with ingenuity, and the Switch is no exception. According to sources that predicted many other features of Nintendo’s newest handheld console, the Switch’s screen will only be 720P. Considering many of the phones we currently have in our pockets right now are 1080P, it may sound sub-par. Add to this the fact that it will not support external hard drives, and many people are jumping off the hype train. But this is a concept that has never been done before, and that is what Nintendo is all about! And if the boom of indie games has taught us anything, it’s that it isn’t the tech that makes for great entertainment, but the content of the games. It may not sport 4K, but this little console promises an experience we have never had before, one that many gamers have dreamed about for years!
Leaks like these are sure to continue to trickle out into the web, but Nintendo will be holding  global presentaton January 12th, 2017, which you can watch here!

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