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Mario Kart 7 receives an update in 2022

You read that correct. Mario Kart 7 has gotten an update after 10 years of being available on the Nintendo 3DS. Version 1.2 for the game is currently out now, but there wasn’t much details of what was actually updated. You can see the patch notes here. Here is what ...
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Nintendo eShop Wii U and 3DS RIP

Nintendo disrespects legacy eShop games

Nintendo announced that it will no longer sell games for the Wii U and 3DS games digitally after March 2023. While it’s normal for “legacy games” to no longer be in physical production, they are still selling digitally through the other stores. So why is Nintendo removing them? Nintendo says ...
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Nintendo Discontinues The 3DS

Nintendo has been dominant ever since the Switch launched in 2017. Since then there had been some support for the 3DS, but in recent news the Japanese giant has announced that it had discontinued the successful handheld system. It had been confirmed that the production of the Nintendo 3DS stopped ...
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Resident Evil Franchise Has Sold Over 90 Million Copies Worldwide

Capcom is home to a bevy of world-renowned games, yet it is the Resident Evil series that has stood above the rest. In an announcement from Capcom itself, the company has stated that Resident Evil has sold over 90 million copies starting from 1996. The franchise has seen eight mainline ...
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Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition: The Final Update is Out in a few Hours

This version of the game runs on a low powered portable device which actually fits on Minecraft quite well and it also has a lot of features. Its… Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition and it got a new update today! Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition has gotten yet another great ...
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Luigi’s Mansion For 3DS Arriving This October

The originally released GameCube title, Luigi’s Mansion¬†will be making a comeback with a Nintendo 3DS remake. Returning to the still active 3DS, fans will be able to enjoy the memorable classic once again with a flashlight in hand and a Poltergust 3000 on your back. Features that will be coming ...
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