Nintendo acquires Shiver Entertainment to help port more 3rd party games to the Switch

Posted on May 20, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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With its latest acquisition, Nintendo is gearing up to port even more third-party games on the Switch. The company announced it has acquired Shiver Entertainment and the focus will remain the same for the video game development company.

What is Shiver Entertainment?

Shiver Entertainment has ported and developed software titles like Hogwarts Legacy and Mortal Kombat 1. Shiver, which Nintendo will own was first established in 2012 when they partnered with publishers and developers through commissions for large-scale title developments.

Nintendo says it aims to secure high-level resources for porting and developing software titles. Once the acquisition is finalized, the goal will remain the same for Shiver by continuing to port and develop games for multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch.

This is an interesting acquisition by Nintendo as it plans to announce the Switch Successor by the end of March 2025 and will likely release the console by then as well. There is a lot of discussion about the next Nintendo Switch being more powerful which could result in more third-party games on the platform. It’s very well possible Nintendo is planning to partner with more publishers in time for the Switch 2.

Although the Mortal Kombat 1 port wasn’t deemed to be the greatest, the Hogwarts Legacy port on the Nintendo Switch was an impressive job given how big the game is.

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