Nintendo CEO Promises “Much More To Be Done” With Nintendo Switch As It Meets The Halfway Mark Of Its Life Cycle

Posted on February 19, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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When describing the performance of the Nintendo Switch in its near-four year existence, astronomical seems to be fitting perfectly for the hybrid handheld console. While its predecessor, the Nintendo Wii U faulted heavily in the past, the newest Nintendo console proves to be flying past the competition. In the past already, it outsold beyond the lifetime sales of Microsoft’s Xbox One in a third of the time just last December.

And despite the recent influx of discussion surrounding the next-generation consoles – namely PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X|S – Nintendo Switch still proves to be a heavy hitter regardless. While demand is high for the newest consoles on the market, production for Nintendo Switch remains stable enough to outsell this past holiday against the newest machines and its formers as well.

Even now at an all time high with roughly 80 million units purchased, Nintendo Switch only sits at the halfway mark of its life cycle. But despite the mid life portion of Nintendo Switch arriving, Nintendo plans to issue more additions for it in the years to come. While rudimentary to suspect, Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa verifies this in a interview with Nikkei that Nintendo Everything translated recently.

So if you wanted to, you could take steps to extend the hardware’s life cycle?

Right. I always say that the Switch is around the middle [stage] of its life cycle. We’re able to offer a wide variety of different games because the Switch is both a home and portable console, but there’s much more that can still be done in the coming years. 

In retrospect to previous Nintendo platforms that the Japanese company shipped earlier on, Furukawa emphasizes on the priority of its consumers as hardware advances. “As the Switch enters its fifth year on the market, one of our focal points is ensuring it has a long life cycle. It’s very important for us that customers continue to enjoy playing their Switch.

“This includes Switch owners who bought the console at launch all the way through to those who bought in with recent releases like Animal Crossing. It’s about providing new gameplay experiences for all Switch owners. We need to keep in mind that the console base will continue to expand, as well as the types of games that have already been released for the system.”

Although the Nintendo Switch presents to be performing swimmingly, Nintendo is not looking to ship a new model anytime soon. Despite the recent reports that Bloomberg issued previously on the claimed 4K SKU, Nintendo issued recently that there are no plans to pursue such a machine in the near future. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you excited for what the Nintendo Switch has to bring later on?

Source: Nintendo Everything

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