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A Nintendo Direct is reportedly coming by the end of this week

Posted on June 19, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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A Nintendo Direct seems to be coming soon according to known leaker, NateTheHate and media outlet, Universo Nintendo. It wouldn’t be unusual to see a Nintendo Direct this time of year since they would usually have one on the Tuesday during E3 week which would’ve been last week.

Nate hinted to a Direct happening anywhere between June 20 – 23

Nintendo Universe gathered information from their reliable sources that the company should hold its presentation by June 23.

“According to information obtained by the Nintendo Universe from anonymous and reliable sources, the company should hold its traditional news presentation through a  Nintendo Direct next week until the 23rd of June.”

There isn’t any word yet if this will be a mini or regular direct where it’ll be live streamed, but we should wait and see if Nintendo announces anything soon.

Source: Insider Gaming

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