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Nintendo Finally Patches In Support For Bluetooth Devices In New Update

One of the most bizarre discoveries about the Nintendo Switch is the lacking support for Bluetooth devices. Essentially, the hybrid handheld console is a more capable tablet, so finding you cannot link headphones or wireless earbuds comes to be a shocker for those that cut the wire. However, all hope was not lost for the device.

In that, companies like Bionik developed attachments for the Nintendo Switch that allows the device to link to wireless peripherals. However, sticking it on the bottom does protrude on the bottom which might be annoying for some. But, in a previous unearthing revealed that Bluetooth drivers were included in patchwork for the Nintendo Switch.

Now in a update released on Tuesday this week, Nintendo Switch now welcomes the ability to link most Bluetooth devices and Apple-branded Airpods to the system. “Up to two wireless controllers can connect to a Nintendo Switch system while using Bluetooth audio. You will not be able to pair additional wireless controllers until you disconnect the Bluetooth audio device,” Nintendo shares in the new support page for the feature.

However, the firm then goes on to bring some clarifications to the table: starting multiplayer matches will relinquish the connection with the respected device once commenced. “Bluetooth audio will be disconnected during local communication, such as when starting a local wireless multiplayer game.” It is suggested it will relink once concluded with the online play.

There are other noted mentions that Nintendo emphasizes on such as only linking on Bluetooth device per Nintendo Switch and the ability to use built-in microphones is not available. Even more, there is the chance of audio latency for the device used on a case-by-case basis, the firm adds.

Are you relieved Bluetooth support finally arrives to Nintendo Switch?

Source: Nintendo

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