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Nintendo Launches Mario Kart Tour With A Gold Pass Subscription Service

Nintendo’s next project to imbed a presence into the mobile market released this week with Mario Kart Tour. Following the game’s unexpected delay towards this Summer replaced the title’s initial launch scheduled for early Spring, so fans in the meantime had to wait patiently for the game’s inevitable release later in the year.

And now with the game’s official launch finally arriving, Nintendo revealed that players can also sign up for a subscription service for the new mobile title. Announcing the gold Pass, players can pay a monthly fee of $4.99 which will provide unique items to service owners. Racing in tours will reward you with Gold Gifts, specialized gold challenges provide exclusive in-game badges, and 200cc will be available upon owning a subscription.

Nintendo to give players a sample of gold status shared that first-time users will be offered a two-week trail of Gold Pass: noted, Nintendo clarifies that the trial is only granted to first-time subscribers. So following the trial you will be charged the monthly fee until deciding to cancel your subscription.

Dissecting the FAQ for Gold Pass, Nintendo does explain that users who subscribe to the service can still use the subscription when on either the App Store or Google Play if your new device carries the same operating system as the one prior. As well as reverting your data for the game, you can still receive gold perks without having to make a second purchase of the pass.

Do you plan on picking up the Gold Pass?

Mario Kart Tour is out now for Android and iOS.

Source: Nintendo


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