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Nintendo President Confirms New Console Will Feature Support For The Same Account

Posted on June 29, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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Back in early 2021, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed that the Nintendo Switch is already at its halfway mark with “more to be done” at the time for the platform. Now almost entering July two years after and we are reaching the rear end of this generation it appears. With new pressing releases such as Pikmin 4, Super Mario RPG, and Super Mario Bros. Wonder on the way this year, it is evident that Nintendo is pushing the hardware on all cylinders.

Looking ahead, it is certain a new console is on the way. It was previously confirmed that Pokémon developer Creatures Inc. is working on new console hardware thanks to a reveal in a job listing. Additionally, it was also confirmed that Nintendo is already playing with the current hardware too as the Nintendo Switch OLED Model did feature HDMI 2.0 support, one finding discovered.

Now according to new documents published by corporate Nintendo in Japan, it shares new information on what is to come. Not directly confirming what the new system is, Furukawa does reveal that the next device with feature support for Nintendo Switch accounts. Twitter user @Genki_JPN gathers from the published information.

While it is solidified that this feature is underway for the next Nintendo console, it is surely some years off from hitting store shelves. In 2024, Nintendo has two more confirmed games in the pipeline with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon & a new Princess Peach game. Of course, that is not the only title in development for the foreseeable future of Nintendo Switch.

Predating back to 2017, Metroid Prime 4 was announced. However, the game did face a restart and just over six years later has still yet to hit the Nintendo Switch. At this point, it is difficult to grasp if Nintendo is still intending to deliver this title for Nintendo Switch or simply carry over the launch for its next system.

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