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Nintendo Rebrands Nindies To ‘Indie World,’ Goes Live This Monday

Posted on August 17, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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Nintendo the past few years aside from the scattered Direct livestreamed presentations have also taken the time to showcase what independent developers have in-store for the Nintendo platform with the Nindies during a handful of scheduled times throughout the year. However, this coming Gamescom the publisher will be rebranding the presentation with a new name for next week’s event.

This week Nintendo has announced that the company will be abandoning the former game showcase with the newly introduced Indie World presentation.

Derived from Nintendo’s announcement reads to provide “roughly 20 minutes of information on indie games coming to Nintendo Switch.” Primarily what is announced during the presentation is third-party titles that will be launching or ported to the Switch, so alike the Nindies be, do not get your hopes on any of the anticipating titles Nintendo currently has in the works.

Are there any indie titles you wish to see make its way to the Switch?

Indie World will be going live at 9 AM EST / 6 AM PST on August 19, 2019. You can watch the presentation live by going to Nintendo’s website here.

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