Nintendo Switch 2 is reported to now release in March 2025

Posted on February 27, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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The Nintendo Switch 2 has been discussed over the last few months through numerous reports and initially, it was thought to have been getting a reveal in March 2024 with a release in September. Now, it seems that Nintendo is pushing the release of their next console into the early part of 2025.

There have now been multiple reports from outlets including Nikkei, a Japanese based outlet that the Nintendo Switch 2 will now release in March 2025. According to Midori, a well known Atlus & Sega leaker, the information reported is correct and the news was sudden to publishers making it a unique situation.

The only thing that people can’t seem to figure out is when the new Nintendo console will get revealed. Another reason for this surprise delay is likely due to prevent scalping if it were to launch in late 2024.

Reports in the past shared that the Nintendo Switch successor will launch at a price of $400.00 USD and will have backward compatibility.

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